The Purpose of Manhood Mindset is to create an environment for people to share ideas about the importance of the critical thought process surrounding self-respect, accountability, effective communication, and conflict resolution. This platform aims at providing a safe space for identity development, creating strategic plans for clear communication, and supporting characteristics and assignments associated with personal and professional progress.

Dr. Pugh has made appearances at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Colleges, and Universities and International Conferences. Conversations have led to College and Career Readiness Social Emotional Learning, professional and personal breakthroughs, allowing participants to move past barriers that have hindered their growth process. Speaking engagements have included strategies for self-empowerment, service, pursuing purpose, and overcoming adversity. Participants from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds have benefited from the open and honest conversations included in Manhood Mindset.
Manhood Mindset Consulting is geared towards the academic and social success of students in all levels of academia. The purpose of this initiative is to equip all participants with the discipline and communication skills needed to increase the success rate of students, parents, teachers, and administrators in various academic and business settings. This initiative aims at making sure that barriers are clearly communicated to all interested parties, and that all who have an interest in the success of academic experiences across the board are informed of solutions and strategies to use effectively.
The Manhood Mindset Program is designed to increase the retention, persistence, and graduation rates of students of all ages placed in various academic environments. Manhood Mindset is organized to assist participants with utilizing effective communication skills that increase the ability of students, parents, teachers, and administrators to sustain a healthy scholastic environment. Manhood Mindset will provide strategies that are entrenched with principles of Self-Respect, Self-Discipline, Clear Communication, and Conflict Resolution. The goal of Manhood Mindset is to retain a high percentage of young boys and girls which will be measured by student participant’s GPA, discipline referral rate, and achievement of student learning outcomes through strategic assessment and analysis.