Manhood Mindset

Manhood Mindset is a consulting business that aims at bridging the gap between various groups that are separated by wealth, class, race, gender, belief, age, and access to knowledge and resources. Manhood Mindset LLC provides training, mentoring, coaching, and instruction that helps those involved to solve problems that hinder their professional, personal, social, family, and romantic relationships. Manhood Mindset assists schools with mentoring programs for students, training for administrators and teachers, and assists parents with communication skills that provide trust with their children.


The purpose of Manhood Mindset is to assist human beings in various environments with their approach to effectively communicating expectations, hopes, dreams, desires, and concerns. By providing the tools to communicate effectively, people will be able to find out how to solve problems without creating new ones.


The Vision of Manhood Mindset is to mentor people to become the best version of themselves, and assist them in taking responsibility and control over their personal growth for the rest of their lives.

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